Adding elements on the page

New elements are added by dragging toolbar icons down onto the page. Don't click them, drag them down.


Elements guide:

  • H1, the main page header
  • H2, a slightly smaller header
  • H3, the smallest header
  • Bullet points, like these!
  • Paragraph for normal text
  • Images (see below)
  • Videos (see below)
  • Google Map (see below)
  • Custom HTML code
  • Button to download a document

Working with images

There are three ways of adding images:

  • Drag and drop the image icon on the toolbar, and click on the placeholder to browse for an image on your computer.
  • Drag and drop an image from your desktop onto the page.
  • Drag and drop an image from a different browser window.

Example: Adding an image from another website


You can also edit images by:

  • Clicking once on the images enters resize mode
  • Two clicks for crop mode
  • Or three clicks for frame mode

Pressing ENTER or double clicking while editing saves changes.

Adding maps, videos, and more...

Using the toolbar buttons or by dragging, you can also add a Google Map, YouTube video or Vimeo video. Simply add the toolbar button or drag the URL from the address bar onto the page as below:


Other functions

Basic text effects

The editor has in-built styling to make changing the look and feel of your content simple. This allows you to make text bold or italic without having to worry about CSS files or contacting us.


Page manager

The page manager allows you to edit the details of pages - including how it will appear in Google Search results, change the homepage of the site, duplicate pages to create new ones to edit, and edit the main menu of the site to rearrange, add or remove links.

Be careful with this, some changes can't be reversed and we would have to restore your site from a backup if you remove a page accidentally!!!

Accudio Editor is based on the wonderful product Sitecake, and being able to use their fantastic editor lets Accudio focus on building websites and not making little changes, and lets you change your site with little effort. Please click here to check them out